Buy Charlotte a nice cup of tea


Hey, thank you for passing by!

I've put a lot of work and time in OSGA (One Site to Grieve them All), a website where you can leave flowers and messages on the graves of fictional characters from TV shows (soon also movies!)

I created the website from scratch and work on it alone, I'm also paying the domain name and hosting out of my pocket. I'm not earning anything at all from the website and do all of this for free!

You might have heard that programming requires a lot of caffeine and it's entirely true. So, any cup-of-tea contribution will be greatly appreciated! Also, props to you for supporting creators and small businesses!

PS: To visit OSGA, click on the link here under!

@minizarbi bought 5 nice cup of teas.

Waiting for i18n (French at least?) :D Hope this will help you pay hosting at least ;)

Thank you so much! It will definitely help! I will see if I have time to add internationalization during the rest of my holidays, can't promise anything but I'll try. :)