Buy Ebony Thomas a coffee


Hey homies... I know you see my various grinds as an entrepreneur. If you aren't specifically down with anything I make... please support by buying me a coffee. ❤️

What's my story? I'm a dreamer Capricorn... this usually means death grinds.

I grind all the time... possibly to my detriment. Friends who need attention have put me on the back burner and call me a poor friend. I put all my heart and soul into projects I think will provide me financially stability to escape my job... only to learn that they are passion projects. I get wide-eyed that with my skill and determination, I can achieve anything...only to be disappointed by the various other factors that shut me down.

  • I ran a event promotion company
  • I was a host of a sex game show
  • I was a personal trainer
  • I created and facilitated a fitness and dance  Hula Hoop Program
  • I was a YouTuber
  • I design dope graphics

And now I own one of the dopest apparel websites. Being an entrepreneur is tough. Coffee please?