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We have travelled around the world for a year. Now it's time to try something new, which is why we decided to move to Portugal, where we found an apartment in Lisbon.

Hey guys. Making videos of our many adventures around the world and now in Portugal is something we are truly passionate about. It's what we want to spend our life doing. 

Our goal with our videos is to inspire, educate and entertain you guys. We try to make the videos beautifully made with a fast-paced editing and our own style of humour that we think is funny :-D!

Since both of us love coffee, we figured that this is a good way to ask you guys for your support, but of course only if you like what we do. No pressuree :) 

Cheers and thanks for following our vlog. That is what means the most to us!

Amalie & Joen

Jason Murray
Jason Murray bought 5 coffees.

Love you two. You are really laid back, entertaining in subtle ways, which are lasting, not outlandish, and you do not embarrass yourselves. You clearly love each other and you just plain have interesting videos. I love the production value but not necessary on all videos. Save it for that which is next level not for daily stuff. Just want you here for the long game. That's all. Keep it up. Take care and God bless.

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Tim Ozman
Tim Ozman bought a coffee.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith bought 5 coffees.

I've really enjoyed your quality videos for the past two years showcasing Portugal. You've inspired me to visit. Just booked my first trip for June of 2021. Thank you for work. 

Mário & Paula
Mário & Paula bought 2 coffees.

My wife and I really like your videos! keep going ...