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I like developing helpful single purpose tool websites that are free to use! You can support this by buying my a coffee and keeping me caffeinated. and have cost and still cost time and effort to maintain and develop. I made it out of frustration with existing options. If it has saved you time and effort, and maybe even frustration, why not support it with a donation?

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Handy. Didn't see the instructions for each of the things. but someone else created it so I didn't need it.😉

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your ternary plot is the one that saved my presentation for uni, since all the others did not have these feature, thank you! made an LLE with binodales and konodes for acetic acid, water and butylacetate hhehe. I love that you can paste stuff from excel, and after I got the gist of the program it was easy to use :)

Thank you for the donation. That's really great to hear, always good to hear it's helpful!

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