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Hello Friends, My name is Dion. I am the host and creator of the Off The Beaten Podcast. I'm an adventurer, educator, jiu-jitsuteiro, bicyclist, avid reader and movie buff.

Hey 👋 Off The Beaten Podcast is an intimate exploration of Chicago and it's people.  We're based around stories...stories of the people that help make Chicago what it is: The greatest city in the world...or damn close!  We're sharing local stories and creating new narratives of a city that is often misunderstood and maligned in the media.

While OTBP has a local flair, the stories are certainly not unique to Chicago, so you can enjoy even if you don't live here. 

Now, I love creating the pod, but it does cost money.  Any support you can provide would be amazing.  My guests will tell you that the pod is fueled on a steady steam of caffeine, so, you can now buy me a coffee! Any extra duckets will be used to improve the pod. 

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