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63.6% of $250

When I reach $250, I'm going to purchase a Shure MV7 USB/XLR Podcast Microphone. This will be a step up from my current mic, and make me sound even more like butter!


63.6% of $250

When I reach $250, I'm going to purchase a Shure MV7 USB/XLR Podcast Microphone. This will be a step up from my current mic, and make me sound even more like butter!

Hello Friends, My name is Dion. I am the host and creator of the Off The Beaten Podcast. I'm an adventurer, educator, jiu-jitsuteiro, bicyclist, avid reader and movie buff.

Hey 👋 Off The Beaten Podcast is an intimate exploration of Chicago and it's people.  We're based around stories...stories of the people that help make Chicago what it is: The greatest city in the world...or damn close!  We're sharing local stories and creating new narratives of a city that is often misunderstood and maligned in the media.

While OTBP has a local flair, the stories are certainly not unique to Chicago, so you can enjoy even if you don't live here. 

Now, I love creating the pod, but it does cost money.  Any support you can provide would be amazing.  My guests will tell you that the pod is fueled on a steady steam of caffeine, so, you can now buy me a coffee! Any extra duckets will be used to improve the pod. 

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"Something Nice". 🙃

You are the best, I appreciate you immensely, and you are getting a shout out in the first episode of season 3 of the pod. 😍 

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Hope the coffee helps to fuel all those creative juices! 

Can't thank you enough Adrienne!  Absolutely appreciate you!  You're the best! ❤️ 

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It's taken me a while to reply because I honestly couldn't exactly think what to say.  I'm so thankful for you and your donation.  I truly appreciate the support.  As a podcaster, I ask for the 2 most valuable commodities that people have to offer: time & money.  I appreciate you for offering both!  I hope I can continue to create a product worth of both!  Thank you again!!!!

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Your Fav LA Girl <3 bought 7 coffees.

Dion, Dion, Dion! Where do I even begin?  You are a light.✨   You have this spirit about you.  Your positivity is contagious! I am so thankful you reached out.  We haven't stopped communicating since, and I am so grateful.  Our friendship expands far beyond the podcast world.  I'm so thankful to have a fellow indie podcaster chasing his dreams in the trenches with me.  We're in this together. 🙌  You have my support! Keep producing episodes.  Keep sharing people's stories.  Keep reppin' Chicago!  And never forget, You're Such A Catch (see what I did there😉 ).  xo PS stay caffeinated & warm over there ☕️ 

Girl...real talk...this has been a f***in' week, and I've felt like everything except what you described above, and when I first saw this donation, I was mad, because you need your money for your thang, but when I read your comment, I was smiling from ear to ear.   I'm so happy we've become friends.  Full stop.  It's been amazing glimpsing into your world, and getting to know you.  We are definitely in this together, and I look forward to seeing where your road will take you, because I'm fairly certain it will be all great things, and I'll be able to say "I knew her from the very beginning.  I knew she'd be one of the great ones."   Thank you so much.  You literally flipped my week right side up.  You are absolutely my favorite LA girl, and I simply look forward to the day that I can offer these sentiments face to face, and give you the hugest hug.   Hugs! 😊