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✌️ My name is Roman, and I'm a solo gamedev-generalist/content-creator from Riga, Latvia.

Currently, I'm developing my first major game and producing videos for YouTube on everything around being a solo developer, plus an occasional tutorial or piece of original content.

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Gianfelice Lungarella bought 3 coffees.

Hy Roman! Thank you for the YT video (Clouds made by Shader Graph and Blender).  Can I ask some basic guide to better understand the Shader Graph on unity? Do you think it's possible to create a dinamic grass o fluid physics? Thank you mate! [email protected]

Heya, Gianfelice! Thank you for your support! 🙌 Regarding your questions on fluid dynamics, I don't know if Shader graph is the way to go here, or if it is at all possible using only that. That's quite a complex topic, you may want to check out "Obi Fluid" asset on the Asset Store or the "Raymarching Toolkit" ( that allows shape blending. Maybe it will guide you in the right direction. Creating a water surface, like a lake or an ocean is one thing, and Shader Graph would do the job, but fluid dynamics is another. I guess it's more to do with particles. Check out Unity's new Visual Effects Graph. Grass on the other had is quite interesting and I'm sure I will try to tackle it in the future myself :)  I'm sure I've seen some interactive/dynamic grass on the Asset Store. Maybe that's what you're looking for. If we are talking nice-looking grass I remember a fine implementation by Harry Alisavakis ( — although not in shader graph, but maybe can be converted.  But Brackeys did a tutorial on Shader Graph grass. ( Cheers! 

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Thank you so much, whoever you are. But know this: I will look for you, I will find you, and I will hug you! .