New ideas

Last weekend I went through my list of potential projects and ideas.

There was one I've added last year but didn't have free time back then to implement it straight away.

The idea was based on the reverse todo list.

What if you didn't add tasks to your own todo list, but to others, so you could delegate tasks.

The reason I wanted to do it is when you want to ask someone else to do the task you might need to explain them step by step how to do it.

This system allows you to create the processes for doing something or adding a definition of done.

Attach any files, keep the comments locally and once the task is done it can be marked completed.

So that's what I did last week - landing page, some basic ads to test the site.

Please meet ActionThis -

Unfortunately, by the end of the week I realised I won't get too far with the current landing page and ads, so thought I'd do it by the book.

So this week I'm focusing on interviewing people.

Trying to understand what drives them to delegate work, how they delegate, what tools they use, etc, etc.

In the beginning, you only need 5-7 interviews, after that the answers become repetitive, and you get the core ideas and concepts.

This would allow to narrow down the niche audience who might benefit from this tool too.

I re-made the landing page. Unfortunately, I don't have the original one, but it was quite bad :)

This is the current landing page. Not hiding that I'm (of course it's 'we' in the copy) building it, and invite people to contribute to the product.

The landing page is made using ConvertKit, I was pleasantly surprised how easy and straight forward it was to use and configure my own domain.

Also created a few video ads. It's surprisingly easy to find good quality video and audio assets which you can use in the ads. One of the examples is here:

The focus is on what everyone wants - more free time to do what they truly enjoy.


As you can see from the above, I did no work on McPiper.

It's in good shape right now, I still plan to add required functionality for Github Actions and other features.

Right now I want to take some time off that project as I'm pretty sure I was burned out after building the first version of it.