After I left my corporate engineering job over 7 years ago to follow my soul’s calling for living more fully aligned with my core values, more connected to Life and nature, I gradually connected to a dream of Heart Centered Community to create whole new ways of living together and thrive on a living Earth.

Our journey is a succession of commitment cycles

As I made the leap to quit my engineering job for creating a life more Life giving, I was studying natural farming and permaculture, supported by my partner without knowing how I would create that place I had begun to visualize where people would come to reconnect with themselves, nature and a deeper sense of meaning.

The vision deepened during a 9-month-course in “Inner Leadership for Outer Change” from my mentor Debbie Warrener from England. It became more clearly about creating a new Earth, in a co-living conscious community. As I explored that vision, I could really feel in my all being how it would feel to live that way and soon I made my first steps to join a building community.

I backed off from that group, somewhat bruised and determined to find more tools to navigate group dynamics, create supportive communities and gather my tribe.

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