Karas's mood turned extremely for the better, just this gem is enough to cover five months of his expenses!

[Name: Rough Blood Ruby
Weight: 0.09 kg
Description: Common gem good for the eyes.]

As he started to enjoy his good luck, a hand patted his shoulder: "Yow, buddy, mind if I buy that gem from you?"

Karas looked back and saw a triangular eyed man, he frowned but still replied: "Sure, I'll sell it to you if we check the price at a jeweler."

The triangular eyed man chuckled, he nodded his head: "Actually, I'm a jeweler myself, I buy those types of gem, so, interested in selling it to me now?"

Karas nodded: "Sure, but I wish to have it check in a better place rather than relying on your eyes."

"Hey buddy, what you're saying is actually really dangerous, you know that?" The man smiled, this time with hostility displayed in his eyes.

SCUM, these four letters appeared in Karas's mind, if it was the past him, he would've definitely been pushed around, but he's different, he had faced way scarier things that this stick dude in front of him right now, even an evolved Poison Ivy at its initial stage is scarier than this piece of dork.

Karas's eyes widened, he glared at the man: "Move, or I'll remove that tiny arm of yours from your body."

Seeing Karas's eyes, the triangular eyed dude removed his hand subconsciously and took a few steps back.

Karas didn't want any trouble with this dude, hence, he made his way to the nearest jewelry shop.

He needed to ask four jewelry shop to have the best price stated, and at the end, he sold it for 1,200 Gis, it wasn't really much, but it will help him to start any plans he would need.

Using 1,000 Gis seemed useless to be used for Diet Pill I at his current self, hence, he started to think for other things to spend his Gis on.

Still, since he has no plans right now, buying a few more rocks will be great!

"Let's start it off with a bang! But low key..." Karas smiled at his own thoughts, if bigger thugs came and make trouble for him, it'll be endless.

Karas started purchasing rocks after rocks, he'll find a rock or two that contains jewels then buy four to five useless rocks and had it opened, he then pretended to not want to open the rocks with jewels and kept it as a souvenir in order to not break his heart.

After seeing how miserable Karas is right now, the triangular eyed dude stopped waiting, since Karas has no more money and most likely used the money he sold for that blood ruby, he's practically useless.

Karas bought a bag and filled it with all of the rocks with jewels inside, the stall owners bid him farewell and asked him to come again if he wishes to spend his money.

Karas cursed at them saying he'll never be coming back, he had lost all of his money for nothing, he said. :) 

As he returned home, he placed his bag at the bed, all twenty-four rocks with jewels inside!

"D*mn, I didn't think it will be this easy to make money!" Karas couldn't help but smile.

The rock gamblers get resupplied every after fifteen days, hence, he had made a plan to visit it every refresh, take half of the rocks with gems inside! Repeatedly doing it? Karas shook his head, he needs to be fit, if he had a lot of time, maybe he really could, but everything will be pointless after 12 months, Gis will be useless by then, well, almost, but mostly, people will start trading things for food!

Hence, he can only use 11 months to gather Gis and spend it all at the system's store or buy things like...

"Property! A base I can use!" Karas immediately had a thought, a good fortress to be his home! Since he doesn't know till when will he have the system, he needs to have a really good foundation, a haven for himself!

Karas couldn't help but be mesmerized at his own dream-like fortress, fending off all those beasts!

"Now isn't that nice." Karas couldn't help but smile weirdly, his two plump cheeks jiggling up and down.

Truth be told, in his previous life, he had always tried to join new groups, not because he couldn't fend for himself, but to have a place to stay, not aimlessly walking here and there, being able to sleep comfortably inside your own house.

As a lone person, he needed to be cautious of his surrounding even before he sleeps, that means, that you won't have a good time sleeping.

You'll sometimes just wake up due to some sound.

In a world where insects evolved, you can't even let your guard down when you see a colony of small ants, they might've evolved in the way of poison, or sting or something along the line, the next thing you know, you're already dead!

Karas even dreamt of sleeping in a rundown house, which is already way comfortable than finding a building crawling with monsters.

There was a point where he hid inside a vent, block both paths, and slept, it was too hot, and the air became extremely thin, he almost suffocated to death, and as he removed one of the blockages to let in air, he was assaulted by dog-sized ants!

Just thinking about those kinds of things as you sleep, you'll find no peace at all!

Karas felt bliss just by thinking of how he can actually sleep at night peacefully even after that year passes by.

Karas then frowned: "Then, what do I have to do in order to get the money needed for that..."

He started to brows the store, and there, he too found some annoying things!

"Cosmetics? Beautification?"

[Name: Straightening Shampoo
Description: Can be used to straighten one's hair.
Price: 1 VP]

[Name: Moon Glow Lotion
Description: Smoothen's one skin
Price: 2 VP]

All types of cosmetics ranger from 1 VP to 10 VP, all at most normal ones used regularly, but then, it stopped there, the following price costs extremely costly, it cost rather expensive and at the starting price of 2,000 VP!

[Name: Everlasting Beauty
Description: Decreases the aging of a person by 500%
Price: 2,000 VP]

"!!!!!!" Too expensive, but decreasing the aging by 500%? Doesn't that mean that if you're 250 years old, you'd still look like a 50-year-old lady?

Still, he couldn't help but sigh, what can he do then?

Even if he sells it telling people that it will decrease their aging by only 100%, who would believe him? Such things are almost impossible unless someone wishes to risk it all for the sake of beauty!

Karas sighed, he closed his eyes not knowing what to do next: "Should I go to every city just to rock gamble?"

This definitely is plausible, but it's pointless with his current state, he's too big to do so! In order to travel, he would also need his own vehicle!