Morning came fast, as he woke up, he got used to not being dazed anymore.

It's like he had never even slept, he just woke up and resumed his thought process.

Karas then thought of something: "Loaning from the bank?"

A smile formed on his lips as he thought of it, even if he loaned everything, after a year, it will be pointless! But then, it wouldn't be good to trick others that are making an honest living.

Immediately, he decided: "Loan sharks..." A smile formed on his lips as he started to make his way out of his room.

After changing his clothes, he started his harsh journey.

Three hours later, Karas heaved a massive sigh as he pants repeatedly, he arrived at his destination, Mommy Power Love Business Helper...

A really suspicious signboard can be seen hanging in front of a rundown building, Karas made his way in after picking a random pamphlet.

Seeing him enter the premises, instead of disgust, the people inside had eyes shining! All of them thought of one and the same thing: 'A pushover!'

Loansharks, they are notorious groups of people that prey on the weak, rather than looking for people that can pay their debt, they are looking for people that can't!

Why? Because the longer these people can't pay, the bigger their money becomes!

Of course, they won't just end up losing anything, because, before they let anyone borrow their money, they need some... insurance!

As soon as Karas looked at them, they returned to normal, doing what they were doing before Karas entered.

A thin man approached Karas, he has a scar on his left eye and a bucktooth, he smiled at Karas: "Oh, dear customer, what brings you in our humble business?"

Karas smiled: "I'd like to make a loan."

The thin man smiled, he nodded his head: "Oh, then, please come with me."

He was then led to a small office, the thin man chuckled and asked: "How much would you be borrowing from our company? You know, nothing really is impossible, so long as you can pay us, we'll write it off as nothing happens."

Karas nodded his head: "Right, I'd like to loan as much as you guys can give me."

The thin man's eyes grew sharp, he smiled internally as he thought of many ways to extract more benefits from Karas, but since he's in the middle of their talk, he sighed: "You know, we can definitely do that, but we need to have insurance too."

Karas nodded his head.

The thin man smiled 'apologetically' as he explained: "The maximum amount we can let you borrow is four million, but since it's your first time, I can make an exemption and do at most six million, will that be enough?"

The thin man actually thought that Karas would feel pressured by it, the former thought that Karas would only be loaning a few thousands of a hundred thousand at most, hence, he tried to scare Karas dead right now to show how powerful they actually are.

Karas pondered for a bit, he then looked at the thin man: "How about ten million?"

The thin man's expression froze for a bit unable to process Karas's words for a while before he coughed and walked away.

He made a call and quickly came back, a paper in his hand as he placed it on top of the table: "This is a really important paper, you'd need to sign it for us to loan you ten million."

Karas nodded his head, he didn't really care at all whatever it is, but rather, he's looking for things like, as soon as the money is transferred, you'll be dead kind of words.

Sadly, there wasn't that kind of thing, still, there's a lot of things that he'll definitely kill them for if it's any regular day.

#1 you have ____ days to return the money, if the money isn't paid, we will collect anything that you've bought with our money as collateral, you will still need to pay for your debt.

#2 you can have your internal org...

All sorts of insurance were asked causing Karas to chuckle, so long as he signs it, even the government will have nothing to say.

Karas chuckled again and looked at the thin man: "Can we add something to the contract?"

The thin man's eyebrow lifted in a questioning manner as he asked: "That depends."

Karas smiled: "Add some rules, I will only be paying the money in this office and this office alone, if I were to be asked by people claiming to be employees of this company, then, I have the right to refuse, but I can be dragged here to this office to prove their legitimacy as this company's employees."

The thin man's eyebrow softens as his lips arched into a smile: "Sure thing, I'll write it here then."

Karas nodded his head: "Nice!"

"Then, I'll sign it now."

The thin man nodded and handed a pen over.

After signing, the thin man transferred the money immediately: "Good to have had a transaction with you, see you in a year's time, we'll be seeing each other a lot by then."

Karas smiled: "I doubt it."

"What?" The thin man asked.

Karas smiled and repeated: "I doubt it, before even a year, I'll pay my debt and won't be seeing you guys again."

The thin man nodded his head: "Yes, yes, it definitely will happen, you know, we may have other transactions as well."

Karas merely smiled and made his way out.

The thin man chuckled, a year later, Karas's total debt will be twenty million, if he couldn't pay it, he'll need to give all the things he bought with the money, and will still be in debt of twenty million and will increase monthly by 10%!

In short, Karas will be their eternal slave, if ever, they can harvest his organs, make him a slave, and other things, his life will be theirs!

As soon as Karas made his way out, he smirked: "Now, that's what I call easy money!"

That wasn't the end of it, he made his way to the other three sides of the 6th level and borrowed a total of 32 million Gis!

Knowing you won't need to pay it in the future, or even if you want, you can't is quite effective in removing any guilt, also, since the world will be overturned and be chaotic, who would even remember anything that is called 'Money'? People will start trading for stuff instead, trading meat for things, sometimes, even selling their own money for food!

In the future, food, and security, the only two things that will be irreplaceable!

And who would even feel bad for tricking these loansharks, they definitely had taken more than a thousand lives just for their own benefit, at least, they've become helpful to provide Karas with great support!

Karas made his way home, it's almost midnight, but his eyes wide open, panting as he laid on his bed filled with his sweat~

A smile formed on his lips: "I think I lost 36 kg..."

To think that he had walked from 7:00 AM all the way to 12:00 MN only resting when talking to the loanshark, for the first time in a while, Karas managed to sleep peacefully.