Buy Hagrid (One Sleepy Otter is my mom) a kitty treat


Whale hello🐋 I’m currently taking a tiny break from embroidery and painting but my son... I mean kitty... Hagrid would LOVE a treat !  

I’ll share a video of him eating the kitty treat in my instagram stories so you can see how happy you made him!

Thanks for stopping by! -Melinda 🦦

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Katie bought 5 kitty treats.

Hagrid is the cutest! 

Paige from Daisy Lullaby ❤️
Paige from Daisy Lullaby ❤️ bought 5 kitty treats.

Give Hagrid a big cuddle and nose boop from me 😍😍😍

Iuliia Ershova
Iuliia Ershova bought 3 kitty treats.

Aw who’s a good boi!!!😻😻😻 Hug him from me too please!! 

Kevin C.
Kevin C. bought a kitty treat.
Someone bought a kitty treat.

Thank you ! ✨