Hmm let’s talking about simply brushing your teeth. Something you do everyday right? Twice a day? Flossing? Well I hope. (That’s just the dental professional coming out of me.) Moving on..

Think about this:

  1. How do you choose your toothbrushes? Softer or harder bristle? Well most people think getting a hard bristle toothbrush is the best. Why? Because they think the harder the bristles, the cleaner their teeth. WRONG

  2. Ok second question. Do you brush softer or harder & rough? Like basically scrubbing your teeth.

Now a lot of my patients DAILY always wonder why when they brush, their gums bleed. That could be too much force when brushing and/or gum infection. We will talk about gum infections another day.

But back to the main things: Hard Bristles along with forceful brushing.

These 2 things are some of the worse things to do. Using a hard bristle brush & brushing hard makes you gum angry😡 and bleed. You don’t want that. You DO NOT have to brush hard, brush lightly with little to no force. Soft bristle toothbrushes work the best. They’re not harsh on your teeth or gums & they still get the job done.

If you stay up to date on your regular 6 month or 3 month cleanings, soft bristle brushes & soft brushing will be just fine. 😊

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