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Our Story

Our journey starts almost five years ago in Columbus OH. It wasn’t long after our first date that we realized our shared dream to travel, explore, and soak up as much of the worlds beauty as we possible could. 

After six months of dating we were faced with a hard choice: breakup or commit to at least a year of long distance… so we took our chances. 

For a whole year Will and I remained long distance, him in Ohio and me all the way in Oregon. After just three visit, Will made the crazy choice of moving all the way across the country to live with me here in Oregon. 

Since that move, almost three years ago, we’ve had a wonderful time visiting some of the Pacific North West’s most amazing sites. From grueling hikes to amazing AirBnB stays we’ve been dedicated to seeing as much as we possibly can of this beautiful state. 

And then… there was Sam. 

Sam is our 2-year old rescue pup who came into our lives in October 2019. Since then he has been all we ever dreamed of and more. From his goofy personality to his strong devotion and love of adventure Sam is the best pup two childless millennials could ever ask for. 

As a small business owner and a grad student we work hard to pursue our passion of travel and adventure. Follow along to stay up to date on our latest shenanigan’s!