"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day." – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I googled that quote. I also have no idea who the woman is that said it. Will I google her name to find out? I don't see that happening anytime soon. To be honest. Sorry.

Its that time of year again. The beginning. Where everyone promises to be better and hopes that this would be their year. For about a week. Especially this year, since yesterday was still the year where literally everything almost completely went to shit. Lets see what happens. Happy new year everyone! I'm hoping to get more done this year than I did last year. Thanks to Corona I had to spend a lot of time on the couch watching TV and was as unproductive as a turd in a toilet (just kidding, that was my own laziness, the virus shouldn't have to take the blame).

Anyway! For this post I thought I'd share a little snippet from Billiam and Hector with whoever actually reads these posts.


Billiam was staring at a picture on the wall. It was one of those motivational pictures that read “make it happen” with a cartoon of a dog climbing up a ladder to get a bone.

“Make what happen?” he asked himself as he realised that he’d been staring at that picture everyday for the past ninety-seven days.

“Get me another beer, Billy,” said a local patron who had always been kind to Billiam.

“Coming up, Fred.”

“You seem a bit down, what’s the matter?” asked Fred, who genuinely cared. He was an old man, he had a lot of wisdom to share but no family to share it with. This world has taken everything from him, but he was still kicking.

“I’m really sick of this job, Fred,” he said while topping up his beer. Billiam had been the bartender in the dry desert bar for a little over three months now. Before that he was a bartender somewhere else. He hated it too. He got bored really quickly so he always found himself jumping from job to job, city to city, always going wherever the road took him. But that life gets boring too. He recently started thinking of himself as a small business owner. He started distilling his own spirit in the tiny shack he lived in, called it the “pretty potion” and started bootlegging it when the owner of the bar wasn't there. It tasted like pure alcohol, was slightly poisonous and could probably knock out a baby elephant. Although animals weren’t allowed to have alcohol, Billiam did sometimes offer.


Did you enjoy that? Was it fun? I really hope it was! This is obviously only a very small part of chapter 1 and I don't want to give away too much of it.

This is about the amount of writing work I get done in a day due to the fact that I work as a Bartender in Dubai. It can be an extremely demanding job but I have to admit I do enjoy it sometimes and I've seen tons of funny and strange things that have given me loads of inspiration for my writing. I'll be writing posts about some tales from behind the bar very soon. Also, I'll start adding short stories to this page so you have more to read. I enjoy writing these and their also quick reads for when you're always on the move and maybe you just want to pass ten minutes while riding on the train or taking a shit. Either way, you'll love it!

If you enjoy these posts, why don't you show some love by buying me one of those cheeky beers, I'd really enjoy a cold one (apparently it's healthier than coffee).

May your 2021 be filled with joy, beer, freedom, vaccines, face masks and all the free hand sanitizer you can get!