Gina | 16 y/o.

Hey everyone, I'm Gina and 16 years old who lives in Germany. My biggest dream is to travel to Korea for a longer period. Some of you may ask: Why do I want to travel to Korea? Well, my interest to Korea started in year 2013/14, where I started to listen to K-Pop (Korean music). But within the years I learned much more about Korea and wasn't only interested in music. Now I really enjoy Korean food, fashion, sights, cosmetic and culture and of course the language. At home I started to learn the Korean language by myself, but I'm still a beginner. I made many friends through the internet in Korea and learned much about their culture. But why Homestay in Seoul? I heard much from friends and the internet. But now I wanna know how do Korean people live? How do they do their daily life? Is everything right what I heard from the internet? I wanna see it with my own eyes, it would mean a lot to me. What do my parents think of that? My mother and my step-father are really supportive and would do everything for me. They talked with me about the Homestay in Seoul and they are okay with it. But we need a little bit help, because of the costs. I saw many websides with high costs for one night and of course I need a flight ticket! It's really expensive. So I need your support to make my dream come true! Only 5€ would be enough or 3€! It would mean a lot to me. Next year in summer I wanna stay for 4 weeks in Seoul in a host family.  Thank you so much, much love from me. Please make my dream come true.