Get more of your recommended fruits and veggies. These are some healthy non-meat substitutes, but not recommended in moderation.

Ask for leftovers on your lunch or dinner. Everyone will think you’re sooooo sweet for asking for seconds!

No dairy, no meat! This was the hardest for me, but stick to it!

Breakfast: porridge, milkshake, smoothie or a gluten free oatmeal bar.

Lunch: roasted veggies with hummus, olives, or beans and grains like quinoa, oats, and wild rice.

Dinner: Potatoes (cooked or raw), salad, rice, quinoa, pasta, beans.

This is the “meat” portion of this video. Our body has to adapt and use this protein source so have a hard boiled egg instead or a few hard boiled eggs to begin with.

Other animal products: eggs, cheese, milk. This is what comes to mind when a vegan is talking about food. These are all good things to try after you go veg for a few days.