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From its modest online beginning in 2018 I wanted The Sentinel to be a free newspaper for my friends and their neighbors in St. Joseph, Ogden and Royal.  After repeated encouragement, I added Tolono, Sidney and Philo to the communities The Sentinel covers.

After the first year, I had hoped to have four or five regular advertisers to help me bring more stories and local content our readers.  Alas, it seems local businesses aren't able to support your local digital newspaper just yet but, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel. I created this Buy Me Coffee page for our readers, those who really appreciate my effort and willing to help support The Sentinel's coverage local sports and news.

You can help The Sentinel bring you more stories and news that is important to you and your neighbors. 

Please consider supporting The Sentinel's effort with a cup of coffee or two today by selecting the "Support" tab on the right.  There are dozens of stories to tell every week and your support will help me investigate, write and publish as many of them as humanly possible.  Better yet, become a member and take advantage of some of the many membership benefits.

Remember, is your Sentinel.  Your support will help make it great.

If you're unable to contribute or support The Sentinel at the moment, I totally understand. However, we can still use your help growing into a community news source your friends, neighbors and family can depend on. Please consider showing your support by sharing Sentinel stories on Facebook and Twitter. We'll take any help we can get!

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