YOU would be surprised, how often I see this type of post, comment, etc, either on my streams, or somewhere else, or just in the community as a whole:

Why playtest Premium?
It has too many loops.

I already know I'm going to lose, so I might as well not even bother.


I am already going to lose, so I might as well not bother.
What a statement to say.

Let's first break down the current Premium meta, shall we?
Here are 3 things to focus on in regards to current Premium meta:

  • Are you a loop deck?

  • If not, can you stop a loop deck?

  • If not, can you survive to KILL a loop deck?

With these things in mind, you CAN start playtesting.
You can use these things to figure out what you can do in YOUR clan to stop, fight, and take down the current meta.

Why am I explaining this?
Because it takes time and effort to truly be able to concur current decks that are either busted, have strong win cons, loop, and more. Figuring out ways to meet certain conditions is part of what play testing is for and starting out with "I am already going to lose" means you aren't even willing to give it a try.

People will sit and talk and go on and on and on about a deck that's powerful, but won't take the time to truly understand what makes a deck TICK.

Don't be like those people!

If you can't find time that's fine, but don't give yourself the benefit of the doubt that you can't SUCCEED. Looking at things like this is NOT HEALTHY, not just in card games, but in your LIFE.

If you truly spend time with your clan(if you don't want to play the broken stuff), you can find a way to stop decks. I'm sure not every single clan has like a GO TO, but it's possible.

I'll give you an example:

Blademaster is a deck, that can loop a re-standing rear guard.
It has a rear guard that has drive checks and can keep re-standing.
Over and over and over again.

Your brain is like: Oh... CRAP, how will I ever win against this?
Don't worry, my brain thought the same.
Until I thought of some possible solutions.

1.) Kill it first.

2.) Retire the rear-guard mid battle

With some brain-storming with Ian(a friend of mine), we've come to discover that Granblue, the clan we love and enjoy together, actually has a card(named Cody the Ghostie) that can stop Blademaster. It is the counter to the deck.

And alas, look at that, a way to defeat a deck that is considered to be "pretty much undefeatable".

It took time of course, but it's possible.

I'm telling you this because I don't want you giving up, not just in this format, not just in card games, in your life, and in your future. Having such a mind set is telling me that these thoughts come in other things too:

"Why bother if I'll just lose anyway."

"Why try something new if I'll just fail anyway."

"Why start something if it'll just fall apart."

That being said...
Play test!
Have fun!
Try that new thing!
Don't give up on yourself!

There is so much more to life, especially when you give it meaning and purpose and it starts with your mind telling YOU to stay negative or positive. Be the positivity in your, believe in your cards and your decisions, believe in yourself and you'll accomplish great things. :)

Wish you the best in your future games and life! <3


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Peace Out~