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My name is Dave Greenwood and I wrote the popular book Overcoming Distractions about thriving with adult ADHD. I host a popular podcast by the same name, and I create YouTube videos about thriving with adultADHD, entrepreneurship, and other ways to thrive in business and in life. If you are a distracted professional or entrepreneur, or an adult with ADHD looking for great tips to thrive in business and in life, welcome.

I drink a ton of coffee to get my work done and I could really use your help. So please, buy me a coffee, or two, and help me get my energy back, my dopamine up, and my ideas flowing.

I'm here to help, provide inspiration, and show the world that having a different brain doesn't mean failure. Join me in my journey. And let's have coffee together! 

Italian Roast if you're asking... 

Kathleen bought 7 coffees.

I'm donating approx. $0.50 CAD per episode (pssst I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada 😉) that I've listened to. aka 55 episodes so far! Yr work is always super inspiring and motivating! Thanks for continuing to do what you do!

Thank you so much! I am always humbled when people are able to be inspired and gain some value from our discussions. Thanks for the coffee! 

Clay W.
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Your podcast has done wonders for me and my ADHD struggles during this past year of Covid isolation and adaptations. Thank you so much for continuing to help us ADHDers out, it continues to change my life for the better :)

Thanks so much for the coffee and of course your kind words. I am always comforted to know that people find value in our discussions on the podcast. Be well! 

Dominic Grew
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Dave, Thanks for all of the education you do around this hugely important topic! Best, Dominic

Thanks for the coffee Dominic! Working on my second cup! 

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Grant Crowell
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This should get you through the week! Here's another coffee-related treat of mine:

Grant, Thanks so much for the coffee. Gearing up for a great 2021 so the more coffee the better!