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My name is Dave Greenwood and I wrote the popular book Overcoming Distractions about thriving with adult ADHD. I host a popular podcast by the same name, and I create YouTube videos about thriving with adultADHD, entrepreneurship, and other ways to thrive in business and in life. If you are a distracted professional or entrepreneur, or an adult with ADHD looking for great tips to thrive in business and in life, welcome.

I drink a ton of coffee to get my work done and I could really use your help. So please, buy me a coffee, or two, and help me get my energy back, my dopamine up, and my ideas flowing.

I'm here to help, provide inspiration, and show the world that having a different brain doesn't mean failure. Join me in my journey. And let's have coffee together! 

Italian Roast if you're asking...