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I retrained as a personal trainer, aged 60, 10 years ago.  During lockdown I've been live streaming exercise classes for older people.  Being older myself, I understand the specific needs of our age group and my classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.  If you've enjoyed my class I would really appreciate it if you would 'buy me a coffee.'  There is no obligation, though.  If you would like more information about fitness for older people my Over Fifty Fitness Facebook page link is
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Thanks - I got a “pfizzler” just like your experience - very efficient 😊


Nicky Hessenberg
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Thank you as ever - feeling well exhausted today!

Thanks, Nicky

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Thank you for the classes

Thank you for your continued support.

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Thanks for the classes Rosemary, really good.

Thank you, Serena

You’re welcome Rosemary. I’ve started doing classes again after resting because I have bursitis in my right hip. I’m just doing the arm exercises and the leg ones I can do without hurting. They don’t really hurt but I can feel the hip with some of them and I still can’t walk far so best to be careful I guess. Instead of the running for cardio, I do standing still and punching. I got that from Joe Wicks classes for seniors I saw at the beginning of the first lockdown. Seems to be a good substitute to avoid impact and I find it a good way to get rid of any aggressive feelings I happen to have!

That is a great idea, which I may shamelessly pinch.  It's fairly knackering doing standing still punching, isn't it?  

Yes, like running, it depends on how fast you punch. Joe says be sure to punch at your head height not upwards or downwards, and adopt a boxing stance. It works well for me.

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Thank you