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Public Health Insight (PHI) is a public health organization committed to leading and innovating modern solutions to support evidence-informed public health communication, education, and knowledge translation. We raise awareness about public health issues and provide more visibility to the field, through various mediums such as podcasting, blogging, newsletters, and other engaging content.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between communities, researchers, scientific evidence, practitioners, students, and future advocates in the field of global health and public health.


PHI’s work is driven by the following four core values:

Respect and appreciate the uniqueness of individuals, communities, and societies
Inspire community action through health communication and innovation
Diversity of voices and experiences to promote equity in public health and global health
Collaborate with people and organizations to improve community and population health


If you would like to support our vision and mission feel free to buy us a coffee so we can continue to make accessible public health content.