The 28th of December marks a special date for Pahuyuth people, for it was the coronation day of King Taksin the Great.

📖 After the fall of the capital Ayutthaya in 1767 AD, the Thai spread in several groups over the country. Accused of desertion and treason, General Tak Sin and his remaining 400 men (including Pahuyuth Free-Warriors) decided to reunite the five largest Thai groups.

The general was a skillful fighter himself and maintained close contacts to the Free-Warriors. Since his fellowship was very small, he had special units of about five to six men or as lonewarriors set up. 

These men and women were trained on various weapons, but only carried small hand or tool knives with them to remain undiscovered. Only at direct enemy contact, they overwhelmed their opponents and instantly disappeared once their #operations were fulfilled. They also used improvised weapons or the weapons of their enemies by turning them against them. 

Through the admission and training of regular soldiers at that time (under Praya Jaggrie), the guerrilla tactics of the Pahuyuth Free-Warriors and fragments of their knife fighting style (MEED) found their way into the later Thai military.

The Generals strategy of covertoperations (which was very unusual for that time) proved to be successful. He and his warriors succeeded against the Burmese and reunited the Thai tribes. Around the turn of the year 1767 AD Pra Jauw Taksin founded the new capital #Thonburi and was crowned king of the Thonburi era.

In 1782 AD King Tak Sin and 200 of his loyal Free-Warriors were executed. The families of the 200 warriors were held as hostages while the warriors themselves were beheaded. The King himself was sealed in a velvet bag and beaten to death with a scented sandalwood club. 

For fear of political persecution, the surviving Free-Warriors withdrew from the public and went underground. The knowledge about the existence of the ancient Free-Warriors and their martial art (Pahuyuth) was erased from the history books.

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