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Thanks for stopping by for a coffee with Paisley! 

I chose to use 'Buy Me a Coffee' to allow folks to support me and my small business, Paisley Smith Creative, through this period of uncertainty due to Covid-19. 

Up until this time, I have been supporting myself with directing and producing VR and films, curating VR shows, speaking opportunities, teaching workshops, and traveling with my VR films. Almost all of my upcoming opportunities and gigs have been cancelled.

Over the next few months, I am learning (like almost all of us) how to making my lectures, world building & storytelling workshops, and VR films available online! 

Supporting me through 'Buy Me A Coffee' will allow me to create a sustainable art practice. 

A membership to "Club Paisley" gets you a choice of:

a) A 1 hour Virtual World Building Session 

If you subscribe to my $100/year membership plan (which I recommend, if you can), I will schedule a one hour virtual World Building session with you that will introduce you to the concepts of world building as a design-thinking tool. It can be used to design solutions to real world problems as well as to create story worlds! 

You will leave inspired and excited about the future!

You can read more about my world building workshops here

b) A 1 hour Creative Feedback Session 

I can substitute the world building workshop with a 1 hour creative coaching session or creative consultation over virtual coffee!  We can talk about your creative pursuits, what you’ve been doing to stay motivated and inspired during quarantine, or even put on some music for a virtual dance party! We can tailor this conversation to suit your needs and goals. 

If you would like to "buy a coffee" to gift to someone else, that is totally fine with me. 

Members of 'Club Paisley' will also receive: 

-Insight into my upcoming projects and films

-Access to online lectures and workshops as the become available

-An illustrated 'Club Membership' Badge 

-Access to members only creative community "Club Paisley" 

Thank you so much for your consideration!

I am relying on support from individuals like you to to stay afloat during this rocky time, so that I might be able to continue to make my creative work and share my findings in the world of emerging tech with the world. 

I look forward to working with you. 

XOX Paisley

Who is Paisley? 

I’m a virtual reality film director and producer (Homestay, Unceded Territories), I have been exploring emerging technology for the last 6 years, and have seen the industry evolve. My life in VR has taken me on an amazing journey, and this is just another stop along the way! Over the years, i've learned a lot about how to create immersive stories with impact beyond the screen, and I would love to share my findings with my "Club Paisley" members!

I have been practicing World Building as a design-thinking and storytelling tool since 2012. World building can be used to solve real world issues, as well as to create fiction. I use world building in my interactive and film work to create the story worlds. I also run Feminist Futures, a hands-on DIY world building workshop with my partner designer Caitlin Conlen. World Building is something I would love to share with you! It can also be used to reimagine your life, creative practice or business for these uncertain times. 

I often speak about my creative journey from how I went from being a filmmaker to exploring technology (I still make old fashioned movies too!), and how I create VR film stories that you can touch and move through. I will make these talks and workshops available for my "Club Paisley" members!

I received my MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Television and Film Production in Los Angeles.

Paisley Smith

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