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Who am I?

Good question! At the moment I am a spiritual vagabond, aspiring storyteller, haphazard artist, and designer of weird and strange TTRPGs named Ryan Cagle

What’s the deal?

Starting in 2021 I decided to stretch my creative abilities by challenging myself to release a single one-page / minimalist Table Tope Role Playing Game every single month. These games have tended to be the weird and strange offspring of random bits of inspiration, and the wild texts I send myself in the middle of the night about dreams I have had. You can check out my game library here.

Why should I become a member?

All I know is that I want to keep doing these releases, and that I also have kids to feed and wouldn’t hate being able to pay a bill every know and then with the time and effort I put into this project. Historically I have released at least one game a month so depending on your level of support that is anywhere from $12-$72/year for at minimum 12 games! Which is honestly an absolute steal. If you dig the work I am doing then I hope you will consider helping me make sure it continues to be viable by becoming a member, but if you can't then no worries! I still plan to price the games affordably and of course will offer a certain number of free community copies for those that can't swing the cost. 

What kind of games can you expect?

You can expect weird and strange games like It’s Britney B!#%HGLOOM, The End and The BeginningMonster Tower, and By the Light of a Broken Moon just to name a few! 

Do you offer game design commissions?

You bet I do! I offer three levels of custom game design commissions! You can hire me to make a non-commercial game for that special gamer in your life, you can hire me to make a game for you and your team / coworkers to play together, or you can hire me to design a game you can resale based off an idea you have! You can find more info on these three offerings in the Extras section of this page!

How can I stay in the loop?

You can keep up with the latest happenings by subscribing to our email list and by giving us a follow over on twitter!

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