And the psych ward says, “There is no need to worry, this asylum was built to help you, and just like the straps on the stretcher that you rolled in on, we are going to keep you safe and secure. Notice the locked doors, and all the cameras perched in the corners like hawks, we will be watching, but this is all for you; and your well-being. You are sick, anxious, depressed; a danger to yourself. The state told us to hold you for 72 hours, but if you sign this piece of paper, we can pretend that your stay here this week is voluntary. Friday morning, you will be woken up by strangers in white coats and clip-boards, you will be asked, and again, and again, about how and why you want to kill yourself. Be honest, remember, you are only here for three days; so take advantage of the five to ten minutes you have with the doctors. But understand, he has a list of patients as long as his pay stubs, so you will not be receiving any actual therapy sessions while you’re here, but we will recommend them as treatment once we let you out, so until then; we want you to be comfortable. So sit back, enjoy the plastic furniture, and coloring books; we have old radios with no antenna, but the static is so loud it can drown out the woman screaming in two-B. That’s just Cindy, she didn’t always do that, well; she does now. And until we can find the right medication, we are going to keep helping her, just like how we want to help you. It’s Friday morning, and you have not even tried the medications yet! You are still lying to us, about holding a knife to your arm just like how your parents told us everything, just be honest and let us help you. Did we forget to mention that the state only recognizes the existence of psychiatric patients through Monday to Friday? Meaning, the past forty-eight-hours you have spent here, we still have time for a breakthrough or a breakdown, this is a good thing. This means we still have time to help you. And I can see that you are getting upset, and do not dare to walk away from me with tears streaming and knuckles palmed. That type of body language is aggressive; we might have to do something about that. A sedative maybe? Some diazepam? I do not think being alone is best for you right now, maybe you should spend time with the other patients, get to know how they got here. Listen to them tell you how you got lucky to be placed into this psych ward, we are one of the good ones. And we want you to stay here, we figure that if we keep you long enough, maybe you will begin to fit in. Maybe if we keep you locked up, you will begin to act out, and we will be right here waiting to diagnose and give you a label. Please be aware that we did not cause your social anxiety, we only heightened what was already there. We only want to see you reach your full potential as a patient, we told you; this asylum was built to help you.”