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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've been enjoying my piano cover videos. Did you use one for your wedding? Did you download and learn the sheet music to play on your piano at home or for friends? Or do you just love piano music and maybe have a favourite song in mind you would like me to cover? 

I'm so curious to know how my music works in the world and happy to make more for you.

My work really IS fueled by coffee :-) .. so I thought this platform was a really nice way for you to be able to show their support. A gesture.. Kindness in a cup!

Thank you.. and... cheers! :-)

Cynthia D.
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Hi Paul,I just tried both Perfect and Thousand Years tonight - and I was transported to another dimension of sheer perfection. Thank you again for all your help with my new endeavor - the mp3 tracks worked very well. I even tried the first violin part on my viola and, because I love the lower sound too (works especially well with Thousand) I might use that for my brides instead - we'll see.Blessings!ps. Wish I could give you more, but in due time - that + the purchase of more of your arrangements will be coming.

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you are brilliant, keep creating :)

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11 is a magic number in Cologne,  may it bring you good luck and bring you here :-) love, love, love.

Karen Ingrid Greve
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Always so soothing to hear you play. Sending you a very big thank you for the music and an even bigger klem. Love, Steller