Everyone has Value.

Our differences give us value. We are not lesser or greater than our own selves. As humans we judge others off of titles, outward appearance or by what others say. Pay attention to what and who you are giving too much value to. Do they really deserve that from you? What about the people that you are trying to take value away from? Do they really deserve it? What is triggering that behavior in you? 👀

Did you forget how valuable you are? No one has to tell you that because some people cannot see greatness with the first glance. Your coarse hair is perfect. Your bright skin is flawless. Your light colored eyes, Your excitable mind is a gift. You cannot compare your value to someone else’s value. We are all unique and in being so we offer different things. Not all things will be needed by all but it is still needed nonetheless. We all play a pivotal role in this world regardless of the perception of the person viewing it.🧡