Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out my buymeacoffee page. I started this page as a way of actively integrating my community into the growth of my channel and brand. All of the goals set on this page will be for leveling up my work. If you don't know, I record ALL of my videos on my iPhone 11! No fancy cameras. Just some lighting and a microphone. When I first started the channel, I decided that having crisp audio would be the priority over high definition videos that could be enhanced with software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Now that I have, somewhat, of an established channel, it's time to start improving the rest of the setup! The first goal you see here is to finally get me a mirrorless camera that will not only allow me to get better-looking videos to be published on youtube but also improve the quality of my streams since I can only do that with my laptop's camera.

So, that is the first goal. Once we reach it, I will move on to the next that will be the most beneficial not only for me but also for you. Thank you all for the support!