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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
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Your cooking instructions are so refreshing and friendly. They make me feel comfortable and a bit more confident with trying recipes.

Janet e
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Great ham hock piece!

Thank you so much Janet. Much appreciated! 😊 

Did you know Pete that adding vinegar when making stock with bones helps leech nutrients out of the bones as well as adding depth and complexity to the flavour! loved the recipe. I'm in Canada so Good Old English mustard to me was Keen's powdered mustard with a bit of water. But it worked!

Thanks for the information Janet. I know that it is usual for Chinese chefs to use vinegar when making pork stock, now I know why! 😊 

late for you, mate!🙃

Yeah 'tis, I'm just about to turn in. I've been burning the midnight oil! 😊 

Liu and Michael
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Please enjoy a coffee on us for the lovely Cullen skink recipe.

Thank you so much for the caffeine! Enjoy the cullen skink 😋 

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We loved being on your show last night.

It was my pleasure my dear friends, and thank you so much for your generous donation. Times are tough right now so it is greatly appreciated! Stay blessed.

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