I am still trying to figure out how to make my page here on Buy Me A Coffee different from my blog. I've written a couple of posts that are more like the diary style I use in my blog. I've also written a couple of pieces that are a little more focused on a one off topic.

I feel like I need to give my space here it's own touch. Something that is different from what I post at petergermany.com but I'm not sure what.

I always feel a little uncomfortable when I pimp out this page. I'm asking people to give me money without getting anything directly in return. Especially at the moment where times are very tough, but then I think is this something that will pay off in the future. When I do have a little bit of a fan base who are willing to support a writer they are fans of then I may get some more income from here.

Aside from a little time, this profile doesn't cost me anything, and what I've learnt from it goes straight back into writing. I'm lucky in that I do have a day job that I really enjoy and it allows me to put a little aside to contribute to cover art, editing, formatting, and other costs of writing. Anything I earn all goes into that pot. Whether it's from here, or being paid for a story. It all goes to the same place.

I'll never ram this down peoples throats. My blog will never be behind a paywall. I'm not in this for the fame and fortune, if I was after those things I wouldn't be a writer. It's very hard to achieve those things being a writer.

I just want to write and give people the chance to read my work.