Although I didn’t reach as many of the goals I set myself in Mach I’d have liked I did have a decent month.

I wrote 11379 words overall and edited another 13698 words. In all that’s 37275 words written this year so far, and 87355 edited.

In March I did finish the first draft of a story that I’m calling Ashes at the moment, and I finished the latest draft of my vampire book, titled The Vampire Era. I’m so excited to have what will be the final version of this book almost complete. I’ve got a lot of work to do on it, I’m some places it feels like a right mess, but I can work on that in the edits! I WILL not be rewriting this one again, ever! That is now in my edit queue but is behind Penal Earth.

Speaking of Penal Earth, I will be getting into the edit of that once I’ve got a completed draft of Black Blood completed. I also worked on a new short story set in the Penal Earth universe, which I’d like to explore along with the other short I recently began in this universe in the next month.

On Black Blood, I feel like I’m dragging the ending out a little too much. So, what I’m gonna do is get the ending written. Harder than it sounds but I’m going for it.

In all, March was a good month when I look back at it.