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Simon Collison

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Simon Collison

Simon Collison

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Hello. I'm a designer, writer, researcher, occasional speaker, and director of the New Adventures events.

If you like something I've made, written, shared or hosted, please consider buying me a coffee. I drink a lot of coffee so will actually spend it on a quality coffee. Or maybe a nice, fruity IPA. Something nice anyway. Thank you for your support!
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Keep up the great work

Amazing, Chris. We sure need 'em. Thank you x

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For landing Veen. Nice one. Love yous x 

Unreal. Thank you so much!

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Dude I just wrote about cassette tapes myself (unpublished so far)! It’s not nearly as in depth and well written as your treatment, though. Big fan, Simon. Cool to see others having similar interests. 

How kind! Thank you so much, Luke : )

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Wow! Thank you, not so mystery friend ; )

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Have a cup. You deserve it.