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Pan's Prophecy Chapter 3 - Captured My Heart

May 17, 2022

*Wolf’s POV*

“What are you doing here?”  I asked stunned as I scrambled to cover myself with my blanket.  No one had ever slipped into my room without my knowledge.  Not a boot heel was heard, nor the mechanism within the door handle being sprung, I was baffled.

“I must, see you.”  He said rather slowly as he moved closer and knelt beside my bed, which set me back with suspicion on my face.  Heobviously had trouble speaking common, it was probably rare he got to practice it, and pronounced the words slowly, but usually correctly.  He brushed my hair back like he had done in my dream.

“I was raised,” I began as I looked away, “In Centar for a short time,” he took my hand in his, “as a human.”  I told him. I was terribly embarrassed. 

“But you are not a human.”  He said as he placed his lips on my hand and my breath hitched in my throat.  “You are a wizard.”

“I am a wizard’s apprentice.”  I said rather uncomfortably, taking my hand back as my heart raced within my chest.  “You speak common well.”

“You speak Solothrin beautifully.”  He began.  “Who taught you?”  He asked, trying to find out more about me..

“My master.”  I said befuddled.  “You had no right to do that.”  I scolded changing the subject quickly, after I realized what had just happened.

“Do what?”  He asked innocently, for I had so quickly chosen a new subject and he was a little confused.  

“Enter my dreams without my knowledge, and my room without my permission.”  I said.

“I only wanted to help.”  He said.  “I apologize.” He took my hand again.

“Is it still night?”  I asked, taking my hand back and rubbing my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t be offended.  It was very difficult to distinguish night from day underground.

“Xas. It is still resting hours.”  He answered.  “Who is your master?”  He was intrigued.

“I do not freely give his name.”  I said,  “And you have not yet given me your full name, sir.”  I continued smiling; I was quite taken with him, and he clearly didn’t mind me.

“Istoviir,” he paused, looking very worried that the next words spoken might end our conversation, “Olath-Killian. (Darksword.)”

My heart sunk in my chest as I tumbled backwards out of bed and bowed on the floor, the first time in my life I had ever groveled. Bowed, yes. Groveled? Never.  “Please forgive me your highness, I knew not it was you.”  I said crawling away from him as he walked towards me.  He was the Crown Prince of Baerevhel, heir to the throne.  The Ilythrins were not very lenient by nature, and showing disrespect of any kind to a member of the royal house was punishable by death.  Many things were punishable by death; it was a much shorter list of things that were not, and with my pale skin, I already had less right here.

“Please,” he began walking forward, as I scooted away, my dated dress revealing my figure as it snugly hugged my body. I didn’t care at this moment. I had messed up so bad.  “Do not look so.  Do not fear me.”  He took my hand quickly from the floor and as he stood up I was lifted to my feet without trying.  “Wolf please.” He begged, trying to look me in the eyes. 

I looked down at the ground shaking my head and said, more to myself than anyone, “I promised my master I would stay out of mischief and now look at me.”

“Promised?  Mischief?”  He asked rather confusedly.  “What are these words?”

I looked up at him, “Promised is...varinare.”  I translated. “And mischief is cause trouble.”  I finished looking back down to the floor submissively.  “The Ilythrins have no word for mischief.” 

“I am trouble?”  He asked, smiling.

“No!  Your Highness, you are no trouble,” I said quickly explaining, “I am the trouble.”

“Dos? (You?)”  He asked, grinning a bit as he touched my face, raising my eyes to his once more.

“Xas.”  I began.  I walked past him and sat by the window, too embarrassed to look at him.  “Should my master learn that I disturbed you, he shall be very upset, not to mention not bowing, and addressing a member of the royal house appropriately, and being completely unpresentable.” I said looking at my nightdress, then I whispered under my breath as I dropped my head into my hands, “He’s going to kill me.”

“You did not disturb or disrespect me Wolf, and I am the one who owes you an apology. I am sorry for crossing your privacy.”  He said as he stood behind me, running the back of his finger across my exposed shoulder tenderly as I hid my reddened face in my hands.  “I’ve never seen a woman like you. You captured my heart.”

I turned to look at him, but he was gone.  I waited at the window for some time for him to exit through the front door of the Inn, but he never did.  He had simply vanished, and I returned to bed, and struggled to fall back to sleep, my heart racing in my chest.

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