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I am a career entertainer but it is less commonly known that I am also a visual artist and this is where I will be sharing the secrets of coping with the tightrope balance of these delicious disciplines.

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Or, become a member just because you're interested in the secrets I am willing to share with the truly invested friends who I can trust to keep the closer-to-the-vest confessions. They're a little more than I like to have just out there in the breeze if you gather.

After performing more than 10,000 shows, I am sure I have a juicy story you will laugh at and think about all day long.

Presently, I am co-starring in One Big Caper with my partner, Athena. But I have recently acted for a couple of television shows and a music video. With any down-time I am afforded, I make stuff or fix stuff, and I will share all of the best of that!

NOW OFFERING ADDITIONAL PERKS! The pun is intentionally exploited but I wouldn't mind knowing a friend has some of my artwork in their collection.

I dish here, plain and simple. I will love to hear from you and to answer your questions. In my 51 years I have managed to Forrest Gump my way into the homes of celebrities, into politics, into literal gang culture, into law enforcement, into journalism, into starring in large productions, into nightmare events, into fathering two people who share my DNA and many more people who do not, into being a viral artist, into working with famous graffiti artists, into partying with rockstars, into trouble. I am left to reconcile a life that is stranger than fiction, so I am told, and I am absolutely willing to have zero secrets, however much reckless abandon I may have to muster to dish it all out.

The book is wide open for my friends in the Professor Phelyx Coffee Club and I am directly available to you. You are welcome here. It is a safe space.

Phelyx Hopkins (Professor Phelyx)

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