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I am a career performer but it is less commonly known that I am also a visual artist and this is where I will be sharing the secrets of coping with trying to balance those delicious disciplines.

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Presently, I am co-starring in One Big Caper with my partner, Athena.

I am also creating a multi-media resource "book" that is designed for speakers, teachers, and performers using all of my experience and insights as a mentalist magician of several decades.

I would like to begin creating a full body of 2-D artworks for exhibition in my signature medium and style.

I have outlined my NEW ONE-PERSON SHOW and am excited to create it (and all of its small cogs and sprockets like props, sets, branding, merchandise). This effort is the culmination of more than a decade of preparation. My every intention is for this to be my masterwork. I will share secret elements of the plan and process with my supporters here at BuyMeACoffee!

I want to share all of this and will appreciate your support and friendship. I want to offer perks ranging from heartfelt gratitude to original artworks and even producer credits on Playbills and the official websites! 

NOW OFFERING MEMBERSHIPS WITH PERKS! The pun is intentionally exploited.
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For my first 12 Phelyx Coffee Club Members, I wanted to celebrate with a little extra. I have gone through archives and have unearthed all of the old promotional ephemera (postcards, handbills, stickers, and cards). I was able to assemble 13 complete sets. One of those has already been sent to my grandsons, but one of the remaining sets will be mailed to each of the FIRST TWELVE members at any level!

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Let's be pals. I have so much to tell you about.

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