These types of shows are a bit difficult for me in these times, but I am so proud to do them. Your support does help a little with all of my endeavors and I truly hope that I can have the freedom to help more schools and worthy causes.
To be honest, I really want to help to revitalize the arts in our educational programs, all across this country. Whew, if I only had the financial stability to create arts programs for young people... '!'

I will be performing this donated show on Saturday evening and I will also use that occasion (right afterward) to shoot film of the first "box" unveiling. As I have mentioned, every one of these has a purpose and I will be sharing with the Phelyx Coffee Club members. As I am looking at them now, I realize that a couple are a bit bland, so those will share a video with something more interesting.

As an aside, do you know what the interrobang is?

Again, if you are a Phelyx Coffee Club member, do get me your parcel-delivery address!