Some think Heroes are just the people in Medical, Military, Law Enforcement etc.... But these aren't the only Heroes in the world or even the Greatest for that matter. The GREATEST Heroes are the man who makes 10-25k a yr has 50 dollars to his name, less than a quarter tank of gas till payday (a week away) and he uses his 50 dollar to buy groceries for the family down the street that has no food. Or, the single mom of 3 making minimum wage working part time hours living in a 2 bedroom, bills are a month behind who takes in a family of 4 that have no income or place to go and gave all the money she had in her wallet to the kid next door fresh out high school who was looking for capital to start his own business. these are the Greatest Heroes those who don't get paid to help or save lives the ones that go the extra 10 miles investing in others, investing in Humanity and in life.