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Bernie Sanden
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I will repeat my comments that I have just left below your Clair de Lune tutorial:  This is by far the best explanation for playing this piece that I have found on YouTube. One of my top bucket list goals throughout my life has been to learn this piece. I started this effort one year ago as an admittedly quasi-beginner (playing by ear all of my life). At the tender age of 65 I began to learn this with your help and now a year later I can play it entirely. I have spent many hours re-watching sections at half-speed or slower (!) but it absolutely paid off. I thank you wholeheartedly and count you as a primary reason I was able to tackle and successfully complete this wonderful piece, my mothers' favorite. Cheers to you for your simple and hugely effective tutorial.

Tessa Mae
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Thank you so much for all the great lessons. Please never stop putting out your great content, you're inspiring and helping so many people like myself to keep playing the piano! God bless you😊 

Tommy Neil Henderson
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