The double 8 just dropped again for the third time this month. Unfortunately none of them were combos that i had on my list so i didn’t win anything. The monthly mathematical average for a regular double to be drawn is 3 and i figured this double had the best chance at getting to the mathematical average.

In any given month there are pairs that come out way too much and way too little. My goal is to try to key on on which one or two will be over performing that month or week. The 88 to me had the best chance to me at over performing on the month so i figured it was a guarantee to at least get to the mathematical average of 3 which just happened.

With 10 days left in January i think it still has a great chance of showing up again. The combos i chose in the last Massachusetts post were the ones that had been out the longest. The only other method i think makes mathematical if your looking to narrow down the amount of numbers you play would be to choose the combos that sum to the most commonly drawn sums.

To me they seem to be Sums 13 to 23. About 50 percent of all Pick 4 combos fall into this sum range. Because the lowest sum for a double 8 combo is 16 you could have played sums 16 through 23. There are only 20 combos in that range for the double 8 and today’s number would have been on that list. The full Double 8 list as well as the 20 combos in that sum range are below and underlined.

If you happened to play all combos on BAS for the minimum bet over the last 10 days you would have spent $270 and won $375 for a $105 profit.

Starting in March you will have to re-subscribe if you’re still interested in paying The nine dollar monthly fee.

My current job takes up a lot of my time so i will be moving into only making monthly forecasts for various states similar to the last Massachusetts post. My last job gave me lots of long breaks in between my shift and that’s when i got a lot of the old lists done.

I’m in the process of looking to rent a place closer to the new job but am experiencing the normal real estate racism. The management companies that run these buildings are coming up with so many bogus reasons on why I don’t qualify Or brokers just don’t send me the application to apply. One of them just hung up on me as soon as she heard my voice. If you happen know any good spots in South Brooklyn let me know.

0188  0288  0388  0488  0588  

0688  0788  0888  0988  1288  

1388  1488  1588  1688  1788  

1888  1988  2388  2488  2588

2688  2788  2888  2988  3488

3588  3688  3788  3888  3988

4588  4688  4788  4888  4988

5688  5788  5888  5988  8988

6788  6888  6988  7888  7988

0088  1188  2288  3388  4488

5688  6688  7788  8888  9988