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Kyle @wishuwere_heree
Kyle @wishuwere_heree bought a coffee.

Love your podcast, I highly look forward to it every week, and it keeps me motivated to keep pursuing my dream. Thanks man! Also you inspired me to make an aviation IG soon highlighting my training! Thanks again man.

JWood bought 5 coffees.
The one and only Airside Eric
The one and only Airside Eric bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for being you. 

Timara/Siri bought a coffee.

Listened to your podcast on a 13 hour trip to Seattle with my boyfriend and let's just say it kept us sane!

Woahhh, that's awesome!  Thank you!! 

Rick Crockett bought 5 coffees.

My favorite podcast! I always look forward to hearing more.

Thank you, Rick!!