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An 18-year-old music arranger and composer that loves music, especially brasshouse like Lucky Chops, Too Many Zooz, and Moon Hooch.

Hello! I'm Brian, formerly Mr. Sax-O-Beat, and I've been arranging and composing since I was 13-years-old. I've come to love music for what it is at its most vulnerable and, at a young age, I never had private lessons, any music theory classes, or any arrangement skill. All of it is mainly from scratch.

For income, I only rely on the commissions I get from SheetMusicPlus for all my work.

Unfortunately, I don't get paid much on that platform and I'm not sure how I can balance music classes, my studies, practicing, and music scoring without your help. Any help would be really appreciated and a cup of coffee is a small act you can do for an amateur 18-year-old music composer to achieve his dream!