I am divorcing my husband,

He has made me miserable,

He is of no good use to me,

I have already made up my mind.

My husband is a house-hubby,

He is a jobless father of my kids,

He stays around all day long,

Just sleeping,watching and eating,

He waits me to return from job,

So as to do the house chores,

He can not even wash dishes,

Leave alone cleaning his babies.

The kitchen is a shrine to him,

He rather empties the fridge of fast foods,

Than go prepare a proper meal,

Which man takes juice for lunch?

I am tired with all these tideous works,

I am tired toiling for a man who does nothing,

A man that only waits to eat my cooks and feast on me,

Court please,help me file my divorce !

©Poet Igweee