Woman of the most high,

Daughter of mother Mary,

Allow me to confess today,

Let me explain out my heart.

You're the reason I attend the mass,

You're the reason I acquired a rosary,

You're the motive behind my salvation,

And I even got baptized because of you.

Pure sister,full of purity,

My heart lubdubs for you,

Like the way of the cross,

I have treaded all along to have you.

It's true you forsake the earthily heart desires,

And dedicated your bodies to serve in chastity,

But look,a love for me will win a soul for Christ,

Is that not worthy risk taking,or don't you want angels to rejoice?

I have always wanted to be a father,

And a sight of you actualized it all,

Come and be my Eve in our garden

The snake is waiting with an apple for you.

©Poet Igweee