You see,apart from well brewed coffee,

And soothing rhumba spiced with jazz,

I love women,no l ladies,yes lasses,

They are like whimsical poetry.

Women are well endowed beings,

Beings with soothing lovely voices,

Beings that walk around with precious gourds,

And a backyard full of soft-to-touch orchards.

Imagine of a world devoid of ladies,

It could be a boring one indeed,

Gloominess would loom everywhere,

With deep,hoarse and irritating voices.

If loving them is a sin,I am already a sinner,

If defending them is a crime,I better rot in jail,

No obligation amounts to having 'hot' damsels,

And no purgement can outsmart a pulchritude with sturdy cones.

A certain religious leader always condemns my habit,

He says I will not make it to heaven with my coveting,

Too sad,I have a tatoo on my right deltoid,

And the Holy book says we will not enter Jerusalem!

©Poet Igweee