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Exclusive behind the scenes Podcast called The Mothership. This is an unscripted show that explores the creative process and gives you insight into each Poetic Earthlings episode.

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Poet, and author from a distant planet. I write stories, communicate my thoughts through a microphone, while recieving secret messages from the mother-ship.

My goal is to bring humanity together one story at a time. This may sound lofty or arrogant but I believe it is possible. 

We are all earthlings occupying a blue rock, orbiting a star on the arm of Orion. The human race is worth fighting for. Each episode is a snapshot of where humanity is and what we can become.

As for me I'm a published author, proud Canadian, and devoted Father. I enjoy playing with words and long walks on the beach, wait a moment there's no beaches in Canada.

I also enjoy honest conversations and getting lost in the mystery of life.