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Thanks for visiting my page. Now let's go on a haiku journey...

The haiku pea podcast from was created by me, Patricia. I wanted learn to write better haiku and I thought there could be others who wanted to learn with me. 

You might be surprised how popular English language haiku as a  genre of poetry is, I know I was. This poetry podcast has been increasing its reach and now there is a growing community of haiku poets who have joined me on my quest. They are warm and supportive and have helped me to add to the Poetry Pea offering, with a Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu,  a YouTube channel and now a sister podcast Poetry Pea Readings, where poets read their work and chat to us about it. It's a real learning resource for writers.

To continue to improve my offering I would ask for your help. If you can donate a coffee to Poetry Pea, then I can upgrade my technology and buy the reading material I need to make Poetry Pea a more valuable resource to haiku and senryu lovers and now I'd like to offer an internship to help someone find meaningful employment in the field of their choice in the future.  Can you help me and a future podcaster to reach our goals? Thank you.