I’m going to have a fun haiku weekend. Christopher Peys, m shane pruett, Richard Tice and I are getting together to discuss who should be our Judge’s choice and honourable mentions for the topic of Exaggerated Perspective. I know their choices, the discussion should be interesting…
I’ll also be working on getting the Spring Journal ready. It'll probably take me all month, but I’m so excited. This time as well as haiku and senryu there’ll be renku and for the first time haibun and an essay!
Now I have a little bit of news and a request.The Poetry Pea community is growing and I have lots of projects that I’d love everybody to get involved with, but I need some volunteers to help me.
Editing Team
The number of submissions we now get per month is quite substantial. Thank you to all of you for submitting and spreading the word about the podcast. So in response there is now an editing team. I’m happy to say that James Young and Robert Horrobin are joining me for the No Ego topic and if you would like to join us in the future, even if you just have one month to offer your services, you would be most welcome. Just email me to get details.
Community Judge
I’m looking for people who would like to join me to be a community judge. I can accommodate most time zones. Email me for details. I’d love to have you join me.
Once I have these filled, I have a project I’d really like to get started. I’ll tell you more in the near future, but in order to get more projects going I do need help with the projects we are already running. I hope it will be fun for all of us too!
Did you enjoy the podcast this week? I hope you found Brad’s workshop useful and Bruce’s reading beautiful and calming.  If you haven’t listened or watched Brad’s workshop on YouTube, please do. Brad and Bruce would love to hear back from you, let me know and I’ll pass on your thoughts.
Your mission for the weekend, should you choose to do it:

  • Enjoy yourself!

  • If you have a minute or two please go to where you get your podcasts, like iTunes, you’ll see a list on the website. Could you give the podcast a review to help people find us? I’d be really grateful.

  • If you haven't already, submit your haiku / senryu for the latest topic "No Ego" submission period 1-20th March


A haiku for the weekend:
new life
their forms unfold
origami frogs
Marilyn Ward, The Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu, Spring 2020

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An uncut workshop with Brad Bennett
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'Til next time, keep writing...

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