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Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy! Poison ivy exists growing everywhere.

Perhaps the Coasters said it BEST,

"your gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion, you'll be scratching like a hound, the minute you mess around with Poison Ivy!

Ubiquitous and hard to identify, this plant IS America's most dangerous plant. It adversely effects 85% of the population annually by it causing over 50 million cases of poison ivy rash, and with climate change now upon us, this plant's growth habitat is rapidly expanding to northern parts of this country that once were much colder. Science now reveals elevated atmospheric levels CO2 significantly contributes to this plant’s leaves growing much larger, in addition is held responsible for causing recent increases in Urushiol potency levels, which is the plant's resin held responsible for causing the skin rash that lasts upwards of 14 days or 2 weeks, is your choice. At present, there are no vaccines, no cures, hence no real solution exists that offers nor provides any of its victims with any sort of permanent protection or itch relief. Yet as common as poison ivy rash is in most instances the rash easily is avoidable thru proper IDentification.  Yet knowing what this plants truer identity looks like is where most people miserably fail. Poison ivy is a 'polymorphic' plant. Means it’s leaves are shape shifter because they continually appear as though they are changing shape, making identification of all its various shaped leaves hard if not difficult to IDentify even for the most skilled trained plant professionals eyes. The best that one can presently hope or pray for, is the creation of a 'skin protectant' lotion, that once it is bodily applied prevents your skin from making plant contact. Some people even believe this plant is the work of the devil himself, as its been said,

‘where the devil spits is where poison ivy grows'.

I am both, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all things poison ivy. I ought to know, when I was a teenager this plant nearly took my life by it nearly killing me dead. I was 16 working as a day camp counselor. Everyplace I walked I would go bare foot. I contracted a severe case of poison ivy that started between my toes and ended covering my entire body from toe to head.  The rash covered my feet, back of my legs, thighs, torso, neck, back, it was on my face, in my eyes, ears, nose, throat & mouth. At the time I developed difficulty breathing, little did I know that slowly I was drowning in my own bodily fluids being released inside my lungs was from the rupturing poison ivy rash blisters. By the Grace of God, I survived my poison ivy rash ordeal. I dedicated my life's work to physically removing poison ivy and teaching others how to successfully avoid, identify, and decontaminate themselves from this plant. Poison ivy is now something I live to talk about. However that remains a story to save for another day over a hot cup of coffee. 

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