Hello!!! And like that, another month has passed. I swear it was just April 1st yesterday. This last month flew by! A new month means it's time to tell all of you in the public what I've been doing!

Honestly, April was a bit of a rollercoaster for me. One week I was doing amazing and was getting ALL THE THINGS (TM) done and then the next week I could barely do anything.

That being said, I got a few thousand words written on the novel on top of some of more research for it. But the ideas are brewing and simmering along quite nicely overall.

I also started the research phase of a new short story of the historical fiction variety. It's been bubbling on the backburner for a little while and I decided to dive into it. There's still A LOT of reading to do. Lots of court documents and witness statements to get as much of a scope of the situation and the people involved as possible, and also lots of speculation. It's going to be a lot of fun learning about a certain blip in history (more on that closer to completion).

I've also been working on some artsy things. Cleaning up some drawings, deciding what sketches I like best for an art series that I'll be putting into a postcard format. I have the initial template figured out for it now, I just have to print it up to see if it works well and if I'd rather have it different. My goal is to have something in the artsy vein available this month. Hopefully there are no hiccoughs to get in the way of that.


If you're looking in on this page of the first time my goal is to be able to support myself with my creative ventures, but also to give back to the community. So for every $500 I make in a month I will be donating $50 to a charity that changes every month! (There are a lot of worthy causes out there!) Since I launched mid-March I decided the first one would last until now instead of a month on its own. That was the Children's Hospital.

Unfortunately, I did not make my goal so I won't be able to donate this month. I keep the hope alive that I'll be able to make a donation in the coming months though!

So now that it's May I move onto a new charity. This month for every $500 I make $50 of that will be going to:


What they do is help vulnerable people in the community who struggle with addiction, illness (both mental and physical), homelessness, etc. To learn more about them and the amazing work they do, click on their name above and be whisked away to their website.

How do we get to $500? Three ways:

1 - Become a member for $10/month! (Currently I only have the one tier, but when I have more stuff out and know more of what I'd like to do for my lovely members I'll be changing that up.)

2 - Buy my short, O.O.T.A, for $3! It's available in PDF and ePub formats under the 'Extras' tab.

3 - A quick, simple support would also be amazing! Go to the 'Home' tab and on the right you'll see a button that says 'Support' beside 'Memberships' and you can do a quick support there.

Hope to see you in the future!
Blessed be <3,