I was asked to explain about manifesting a very detailed and specific desire where you want to manifest multiple things associated with one main desire. Suppose you want your specific person back but along with reconciliation you also want to manifest living with him in a same house or same city. There are two ways to do this:

  • either you go to the end result;

  • or manifest in steps.

when you choose your end result, you don't need to worry about other details. Everything will be taken care of once you focus on only your end result. If you're a type of person who love to visualize then choose a scene which implies you and your sp are already living together in same house or at same location you ever wanted to live with him and repeat that scene over and over again until you fall asleep.

If you're into affirmations, choose 2-3 affirmations which implies your end result and affirm it as much as you can. It doesn't matter how things unfold but you'll get your end result as you want it to be.

But for some people it's difficult to focus on end result when they can't even ignore the fact of being in no contact with their specific person. If that's the case with you, then you should manifest in the steps. If no contact is upsetting you, manifest their text first. Focus on establishing contact with them by choosing only one affirmations and loop it as much as you can. Once you manifest the contact with your specific person, you can manifest next thing with them that you'd like to do together.

Question: What if I want my sp back but along with the reconciliation I want two of us to study in same college or living in same city?

Answer: You either go to the end result or manifest in steps as I discussed above. As an end result you can choose 2-3 affirmations such as -

"Sp (name) who is my boyfriend is also my collegemate",

"Sp and I live in same city". You can choose as many affirmations you want for your situation and loop them in your mind as much as you can. To manifest in steps, I recommend to focus only one affirmation at a time and once it shows up in your reality, proceed to next step which you want to manifest. For example, suppose you manifested contact with him and want to take this relationship to the next level then you affirm for committed relationship with him and once it shows up in your 3d, manifest next step marriage if that's what you want.

I hope you got the idea how to manifest multiple things around one specific desire. Now, start affirming and persist until it show up. Happy Manifesting!

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