If you think for one moment you can hold on to one little thing in the event this doesn’t work, you can’t buy the pearl. And so when I buy the pearl, I go all out and live by it. And there is no other being in this world, just this pearl, and I live by it.  This pearl is your own wonderful human Imagination  – Neville Goddard

The pearl of great price is a phrase from one of the parables of Jesus and Neville Goddard used this metaphor to explain the power of our mind.

It means that we should give up (sell) on old limiting beliefs to buy that valuable pearl which is nothing but our human imagination i.e. to live in the state of wish fulfilled. You can’t hold on to old story that controls your life and still hope to create your desired life.

Means you’ve not recognized your God-self yet. You’re the operant power and there is nothing outside of you. You’re the creator of your life so whatever you assume to be true, and live in that state, it must manifest in this physical world.

Through the Law and only the Law there is an opportunity to draw even more abundance and security. That's the pearl.

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